It's going to be a busy fall 2017: once again joining the Canadian Snowbirds folks for a bunch of shows in September, Gordon Lightfoot Tribute shows in Toronto and northern Ontario, and my 16th season of touring with John McDermott! Plus putting the finishing touches on an instrumental guitar CD by D'Arcy Wickham that I'm producing for him.

I'll be heading to the Yukon, BC, the Northwest Territories & Inuvik for a Solo Home Routes Tour March 1-15, 2017.  
Hoping to see a moose, just not in the roadway!
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I'll be hosting a Masterclass/Workshop at Folkway Music in Waterloo on Thursday, September 29th from 7-9 pm and it's FREE!
It's time for the 11th Annual John Prine Shrine!
Hugh's Room (2261 Dundas St. West)

It's time for the 11th Annual John Prine Shrine! Hugh's Room (2261 Dundas St. West) 416-531-6604

It's the 11th Annual John Prine Shrine at Hugh's Room, Toronto's premier acoustic music venue.
Sunday, October 2nd at 8:30.
Hosted by Jason Fowler
Burke Carroll- Pedal Steel & Dobro
Charles James- Bass
Guests: Jory Nash, Suzie Vinnick, Ariana Gillis, Gathering Sparks, Scarlett Jane & Caitlin Hanford.
Special Guest- David Gillis on Banjo & Ukelele.

Don't miss this amazing annual extravaganza!
"Blow up your TV, throw away your paper..."


I'm thrilled to be headlining Winterfest on Friday, February 12th at The Uptown Folk Club in Edmonton. I'll also be accompanying the rest of the performers in the House Band on Friday and Saturday nights. There's also a Songwriting Workshop on Sunday at noon that I'll be participating in. for more information on performers and the festival schedule.

Heading to Florida, Texas & Arizona again this year to play for the Canadian Snowbirds Extravaganza. I'll be playing with John McDermott and country music Hall of Famer Michelle Wright.
See LIVE section for exact dates and locations (or click on image at right).
The 14th Annual Gordon Lightfoot Tribute happens on January 15-17 at Toronto's Hugh's Room. for all the details...
My 14th year as Musical Director & Guitarist with John McDermott culminated with a fabulous Christmas Tour. We were joined by keyboardist Mark Lalama and vocalist Coco Love Alcorn, who are not only spectacular musicians but great humans.
I'm really looking forward to co-hosting [with Jacob Moon] this tribute to one of my favourite songwriters, the quintessential Californian, Jackson Browne. Featuring musical guests Jory Nash, Coco Love Alcorn & Ali Matthews. 
And we'll have Gary Craig on drums, John Dymond on bass and Jake Payne on keyboards.
The 10th Annual John Prine Shrine will take place on Saturday, April 4th at Toronto's venerable Hugh's Room (2261 Dundas St. West).
Joining me this year are special guests John McDermott, Jory Nash, Layah Jane, Julie Michels, Michael Johnston & Sam Turton.
And Burke Caroll with be on pedal steel & dobro, and Maury LaFoy returns on bass. Visit for ticket information & reservations.

John McDermott and I spent the month of February in FL, TX, AZ, NV & CA, performing as part of the Canadian Snowbird Extravaganza for the 3rd year in a row!
It's a great group of folks to travel with, and many good times were had.
The 13th Annual Gordon Lightfoot Tribute at Hugh's Room (January 16-16, 2015) was a smashing success again this year, due in no small part to the efforts of one singular gentleman, Jory Nash. It's always a thrill to play Lightfoot's songs in new and sometimes highly creative and unusual settings. And of course, it's a great hang with musical friends new & old.
Pleased to be part of this Lightfoot Poetry Launch with my musical friends Jory Nash, Katherine Wheatley and other special guests...
In the studio (The Drive Shed) working on a new album with Amy Sky called "Twilight Rose", with Lyle Molzan on drums and Maury LaFoy on bass.
I spent the latter part of August producing the debut album (The Light That Lives) for a very fine singer named Tash Lorayne. You might not have heard of her yet, but you will...

I'll be reprising my role (2002 & 2010) in the orchestra pit of The Lion King from April 28-June 15th, 2014, playing classical & electric guitars, ukulele and kalimba.
Can't wait to see some old friends from the touring company and get into the "pit zone."
Looking forward to being part of the Gillis Clan's Bob Dylan Tribute this April 12th at Toronto's venerable Hugh's Room.
Winterfolk Festival: I'll be performing a number of times over the weekend of February 14-16:

The Smokin' Guitars of Winterfolk
10pm Friday, Feb 15th at Terry O's (185 Danforth Ave.)with D'Arcy Wickham, Brian Gladstone & Noah Zacharin

Jack DeKyser's Guitar Jamboree
1pm Sunday, Feb 16th at The Black Swan (154 Danforth Ave. 2nd floor)

Slide Guitar & Other Cool Sounds
4pm Sunday, Feb 16th at Terry O's (185 Danforth Ave.)
with Mike McKenna & Jason Fowler

Solo Concert
7pm Sunday, Feb 16th at Terry O's (185 Danforth Ave.)

Jan 26- Feb 12, 2014.
Travelling with The Canadian Snowbirds Extravaganza, from Lakeland FL to McAllen TX to Mesa AZ.
A great bunch of performers and behind-the-scenes folks. "Where's the downside?"
The Way We Feel: A Tribute to Gordon Lightfoot
January 17-19, 2014 at Hugh's Room, Toronto
This is the 12th year this show has been mounted, and I've been happy to be a part of every show since it's inception.
This year sees some returning favorites (Lori Cullen, David Matheson, Jory Nash, James Keelaghan, Suzie Vinnick, Aengus Finnan) and some new friends who, for various reasons, have never been able to participate in the past (Justin Rutledge, Layah Jane, Kevin Fox, Jacob Moon, Trent Severn).
It once again promises to be a stellar show.
John McDermott 20th Anniversary Tour: "Looking Back"

It was a long but highly successful tour this fall, with John, myself, and at various times Brian MacMillan, Christine Bougie and Maury LaFoy joining us on the road.We played right across the country, as well as stopping in Chicago (twice!). 52 shows in total and we're all still friends and looking forward to the next chapter...


Saturday, September 28th is the 9th edition of the annual John Prine Shrine, which I curate and host at Hugh's Room in my hometown of Toronto.
This year's special guests are Jory Nash, David Matheson, Michael Johnston, Nancy Dutra, Paul Langlois (The Tragically Hip) and John McDermott.
Joining me in the band is Christine Bougie (lap steel, drums and guitar) & Maury LaFoy (bass).
It promises to be another great night of music, and one of the highlights of my musical year!


It's been a busy September, touring with The Snowbirds Extravaganza in southern Ontario.
We'll join them in Florida, Arizona and Texas in January-February as well. A great bunch of people and very appreciative audiences make it a great time all around.


A benefit with some musical friends new & old, to benefit the Music Therapy Trust Fund.
I'm gonna play a couple of new songs and a couple of covers I've never done! 


Me and about 300 other Toronto artists, politicians and the like were sketched by Tomori Nagamoto as part of his series called Life Lessons. The sketches were displayed during Nuit Blanche on September 29th, 2012. 

 I'll be hosting a Collings Guitars Day at the new Folkway Music store in Waterloo on January 12th. Come on down!

I've worked with John McDermott since 2003 but this is our first CD with both our names on the front.
It's a collection of old & new songs, sung by both John and myself. There are 2 new guitar pieces as well.
A few guests (Brian MacMillan, Christine Bougie) came by and added some tasty licks.
We're both really happy with the way it turned out. We'll be touring this album this fall, along with John's tribute CD to Thomas Moore.


 "I've been using Elixir strings for the past 7 years and there's no finer string made today. The tone is exceptional and they seem to last forever. I use them on all my guitars and couldn't be happier with their performance."

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