I worked with director Nicholas Jarecki on this film starring Richard Gere, Susan Sarandon & Brit Marling in October 2011.
I was commissioned to compose an original classical guitar piece and this is the result.
It was an intense but highly rewarding musical experience and my first foray into writing for film.
The piece is called "The Loneliest Man West Of The Humber", which is a phrase a friend of mine uttered in a recent phone conversation. Upon reflection, I knew that it had to be the title of this rather wistful piece of music.
It was my friend Ari Posner, at Pirate Radio & T.V. , who passed my name along to the Toronto music supervisor, and I am grateful to him for opening that door...

Tinkerbell Movie (2008)


I played acoustic guitar and mandolin on this soundtrack. Many thanks to Ben Grossman for recommending me to the composer.

Big Fat Lady (2007)


This soundtrack was a lot of fun to work on. I played slide exclusively on my 60's Espana classical strung with steel strings; sounded fabulous!
The composer was Stacey Hersh, who I'd worked with before on a couple of kids programs.
Don Rooke played Kona. For the end credits, we went in to Canterbury Studios and recorded a blistering blues rhythm track with Kevin Breit, Russ Boswell & Jorn Anderson.   Then the tracks went to Nashville where pedal steel ace Paul Franklin (Dire Straits et al.) added some great solo choruses.

Produced by Stacey Hersh
Recorded & Mixed by james Rohr
Additional recording by Jeremy Darby & Ricky Cobble
Film directed by Adam Pertofsky

Going Back (2001)