I'm thrilled to be releasing my new collection of guitar music entitled Forelsket on Saturday, March 23rd at the new Hugh's Room LIve at 296 Broadview Ave. (just south of Gerrard). I'll be playing solo with a couple of special guests…

The album features Mark Lalama on accordion (The Earl of Merle) and Drew Jurecka on violin(L'Esprit De L'Escalier) and clarinet (The Earl of Merle).
Includes brand new re-recordings of 3 previously released compositions (Solaris, Midwestern Lament & Lumens of Light).
Recorded by Julian Decorte
Mixed by George Seara
Mastered by Justin Gray at Immersive Mastering
Cover artwork by Lily Fowler
Album design by Amanda Walther

I hope you can join me to celebrate the release of the album on Vinyl, CD and all digital platforms.

P.S. For those that might be interested in the recording methodology used for the album, here ya go!

1. Schoeps MK4 stereo pair (close)~ Tube-Tech MP 1A Mic Pre ~ Pultec PEQ-2 ~ Tube-Tech CL 2A Dual Compressor
2. Neumann TLM170 stereo pair (near) ~ Millenia Mic Pre
3. Schoeps MK5 (room mics) ~ Millenia Mic Pre
4. Telefunken U-47 ~ Millennia Mic Pre
Recorded digitally at 96k.

Mixing was completed on an SSL 4048G+ Special Edition console with Ultimation.
An Avalon 2044 Dual Mono-Stereo, Pure Class A Opto-Compressor was used on guitars.
A vintage Neve 2254/E Discrete Compressor / Limiter pair was used on fiddle.
A vintage Neve 33609 (Metal Knob version) Discrete Stereo Compressor / Limiter was used on accordion.A Millennia Media NSEQ-2 Stereo EQ w/ Fred Forssell Mastering Modification along with a Rupert Neve Designs Portico II Master Buss Processor was used on mix buss. 
All mixes were captured in hi-resolution via a mastering-quality JCF Audio LATTE two channel analog to digital converter.


I'm currently working on a new solo guitar recording, my first since Big Hill, Little Hill in 2000. I'm recording at The Canterbury Music Co. with the very capable Julian Decorte at the board. These are mostly guitar pieces written during the pandemic and the album is tentatively titled The Quiet Earth. I hope to have it ready for release in the early part of 2024. Stay tuned for the digital release date, vinyl release date (yes, vinyl!) and a live performance of the record.

Delighted to be returning to the Abbey Gardens again this year.




I'll be teaching a one-week Guitar Master Class at the Fleming College Campus of the Haliburton School of Art + Design, August 7-11, 2023.



He Feeds The Birds

I was honoured to co-write a song with my friend Russell Carpentier in memory of his late wife, Mary Ellen McDonough 1947-2019. Russell wrote the lyrics and I came up with the musical setting. Then we recorded it and made a video with some very gifted friends:

acoustic guitar & vocal- russell carpentier
acoustic guitar & baritone electric- jason fowler
violin & mandolin- drew jurecka
bass- maury lafoy
drums- gary craig
recorded & mixed by Julian Decorte at The Canterbury Music Co.
videography- amanda walther
man feeding the birds- steve springer
May 28-June 1/ 2023.

Melanie Conly and I will be performing at MERA The Schoolhouse on Sunday, March 12th, 2023 at 2pm.
974 McDonald's Corner's, Algonquin Highlands.

tickets at www.ticketsplease.ca