Album Sampler

recorded february-march 2010.
recorded and mixed by david bradstreet at dave’s cave, toronto
drums recorded at the drive shed by john “beetle” bailey
mastered by george seara
produced by david bradstreet
illustrations by sahra featherstone
inside photo by lyndsy deshima
original back cover photo by margaret evans
layout by richard boudreau, accudub, toronto
all songs by jason fowler 2010 Great Big Music (SOCAN)

the musicians are:
jason fowler- guitars and voice
hugh marsh- electric violin on
don reed - violin on
george koller - bass on
maury lafoy - bass on
gary craig - drums on
burke carroll - pedal steel on
sharlene wallace- harp on
layah jane - harmony vocal
david bradstreet- background vocal on bigger

1. i could die here (3:49)
2. now there’s you (3:52)
3. solaris (4:03)
4. a thousand blessings (4:23)
5. almost over you (2:54)
6. it’s coming again (4:37)
7. bigger (3:40)
8. lumens of light (3:37)
9. the corners of your heart (5:01)
10. this offering to you (5:51)

Lumens of Light (2010)

Recorded February - August 2008, Toronto.
Engineered by Sahra Featherstone
Mixed & Mastered by George Seara, January 2009, Toronto
Produced by Jason Fowler
Cover Photography by Graham Powell
Additional Photography by Sahra Featherstone
Layout by Accudub, Toronto

1. Buckets Of Rain 3:45 (Bob Dylan)
2. Jealous Man 2:10 (Hoyt Axton)
3. Early This Morning 2:50 (Blind Blake)
4. Deep River Blues 2:55 (Alton Delmore)
5. Spanish Johnny 4:55 (Paul Siebel)
6. Spikedriver’s Blues 3:15 (Mississippi John Hurt)
Windy & Warm / Doc’s Guitar 3:10 (John D. Loudermilk / Doc Watson)
8. The Motorcycle Song 3:15 (Arlo Guthrie)
9. The Blues Got The World... 1:20 (Bruce Cockburn)
10. (Looking For) The Heart Of Saturday Night 3:35 (Tom Waits)
11. All The Best 3:00 (John Prine)
12. Never Did Like That Train 3:30 (Murray McLauchlan)
13. I’ll Tag Along 3:15 (Gordon Lightfoot)
14. Settin’ On Top Of The World 3:00 (Traditional)

Buckets of Rain (2009)

Recorded & Mixed by Jeremy Darby at The Canterbury Music Company, Toronto,
September-November 2003
Except My Daily Burden, recorded at Reaction Studios by Chris Stringer, mixed by Keith Mariash and Jeremy Darby at Phase One and The Canterbury Music Co.
Mastered by George Seara at Phase One
Produced by Jason Fowler
Executive Producer- Blake Papsin
Cover photo by Mary Beth Montgomery
Design & Layout by Jennifer Lunergan

Jason Fowler- Guitars & Voice
Maury Lafoy - Bass
Mark Mariash- Drums
Except on My Daily Burden, Bass- David Woodhead, Drums- Al Cross
Anne Lindsay- Violin
Ray Legere- Mandolin (Violin on Kansas)
Gary Breit- Organ

Words and Music by Jason Fowler: published by Great Big Music SOCAN) except James’ Song (James Hector Fowler, Great Big Music) Adirondack Lullaby (Stephen Bennett, Greased Pig Music), The Tennessee Waltz (Redd Stewart & Pee Wee King/Acuff-Rose Music Publishing Inc.), and Great Dream From Heaven (Joseph Spence, WB Music Corp.)
© 2003 Great Big Music

1. My Daily Burden (3:07)
2. Great Dream From Heaven (2:15)
3. Lily (3:40)
4. Adirondack Lullaby (3:35)
5. Kansas (3:15)
6. The Tennessee Waltz (4:04)
7. James’ Song (3:50)
8. Midwestern Lament (3:20)
9. Dogbite (2:55)
10. A Blessing And A Curse (3:25)
11. Temporary Ground (3:55)

Temporary Ground (2003)

Recorded May-June 2000 at Swampy Goodness Sound, Toronto
Engineered by Blake Papsin
Signal Path: Stereo pair of Neumann KM-184’s, HHB Radius 50 Tube Mic Preamp/Compressor, Apogee Rosetta AD Converter, Fostex D-160 Digital Hard Drive.
Mixed by Jeff McMurrich at Wellesley Sound Studio, July 2000, Toronto
Mastered by by George Graves at the Lacquer Channel, July 2000, Toronto
Produced by Blake Papsin and Jason Fowler
Photography by Bruce Zinger
Graphic Design by Jennifer Lunergan
All music by Jason Fowler. Published by Great Big Music (SOCAN) except Green Eyes (Garnet Rogers, Snow Goose Songs, SOCAN). Arranged by Jason Fowler & Shi Big, Shi Mhor (Turlough O’Carolan, Public Domain) Arranged by Jason Fowler.
Copyright 2000 Great Big Music.
Jason Fowler-acoustic guitars
George Koller- acoustic bass (on Sebenza)


Big Hill, Little Hill (2000)

Recorded at The Studio at Puck's Farm
Schomberg, ON, October 19-29, 1997.
Engineered & Mixed by Keith Mariash
Mastered by George Graves at The Lacquer Channel
Produced by jason Fowler, Keith Mariash, Mark Mariash, Dave Szgeti & Todd Lumley
Art Direction- Jennifer Lunergan
Photography by Bruce Zinger
Jason Fowler- Guitars, Mandolin & Voice
Todd Lumley- Keyboards & Accordian
Dave Szgeti- Bass, Tenor Banjo, Harmony Vocal (on "Dont' You Go Away")
Mark Mariash- Drums

1.   Life Is Rich (3:49)
2.   I Just Don't Love You Enough (3:48)
3.   Don't You Go Away (2:58)
4.   The Finest That Money Can Buy (3:54)
5.   Hector The Inspector (3:20)
6.   Baby, It's You (3:03)
7.   Your Last Laugh (3:01)
8.   Some People Change (4:07)
9.   I Didn't Mean For It To Happen (2:31)
10. A Marriage Song (5:20)
11. Everything Looks Beautiful To Me (4:30)
12. Hunger of the Clock (3:30)
13. The Latest Miracle (3:33)

Life Is Rich (1998)

Recorded at Studio North, Toronto, January-August 1994
Engineered and mixed by Keith Mariash
Except "Simple Chains" & "Canterbury Cathedral", recorded by John Larocque at Wormwood Mews, Toronto
Mastered by Peter J. Moore at The 'E' Room
Produced by Jason Fowler
Art Direction by Jennifer Lunergan
Photography by Roger Potts

Jason Fowler- Guitars & Voice
Drew Birston- Bass
Mark Mariash- Drums
Hugh Marsh- Violin on The Hiss Of Distance & When Morning Stumbles In
Leah Salomaa- Vocal on Glad You're Home Tonight

1.  Simple Chains 2:49
2.  It's Love That Matters Most  4:56
3.  Waltz For Beth  2:54
4.  Glad You're Home Tonight  3:23
5.  No Blues Pass By My Door  2:52
6.  James' Song  3:28
7.  The Hiss Of Distance  4:46
8.  Canterbury Cathedral  6:14
9.  The Ides Of March 3:27
10. When Morning Stumbles In 4:52
11.  Amazing Grace  2:56

The Hiss of Distance (1995)